Got questions?


Have questions? We're here to help. Please get in touch: our email , phone (617)637-1643.

Who provides the supplies?


We bring all our own supplies. If there are supplies that you would prefer us to use (for wood floors for example) feel free to let us know and we can use any supplies you leave out for us

Recurring Services – Do I have to contact you each time?


After you set up recurring service, we’ll be there like clockwork on the date and time you choose.  We will send a reminder email the day before so you will be expecting us. 🙂

How many folks do you send?


It depends of the size of your home, we can choose to send only one cleaner, or in teams of at least two, and sometimes three.

Do I have to be home for the cleaning?


No, just leave us a key to gain entry and we will take it from there. You can leave a key under the mat, in the mailbox, at the front-desk…what ever is most convenient for you.

How long will my cleaning take?


We usually estimate 1 hour per bedroom, but we do not specify a length of cleaning.  We clean until we are finished for a standard home and within reason.  For special cases like extremely large homes, we may adjust the estimate and price for fairness.

Tell us more about your Move In/Move Out Cleaning?


Our move out cleanings are designed to prepare a home for a new tenant.  It’s a deeper cleaning that includes cleaning inside cabinets and drawers, fixtures, inside the fridge, all baseboards, etc.  We charge extra for this and you will find that an additional cost for move/in move/out cleaning is standard across the industry.